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Jeana Baldwin

Specializing in Blood Sugar Control

Jeana has been helping people for years gain control over their unbalanced blood sugar and weight struggles so they can feel their absolute best!

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Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine.

Almost 10 years ago, my husband was diagnosed with a life-altering disease called Myofascial Pain Syndrome which severely affected his neck and back muscles and left him mostly bedridden. He saw every doctor imaginable over the next year but none of them could offer him any lasting relief. Until we learned about the healing properties of whole foods, he changed his diet and lifestyle, and his life transformed in a miraculous way! This was the moment I fell in love with nutritional therapy and knew it was my calling in this world! 

While I was in nutrition school, my instructors kept encouraging me to dive deeper into a specialty that could really fix a devastating problem in this world. While I didn’t feel called to any specific area at the time, every single client I worked with had blood sugar that was out of control whether they were diabetic or not. This was when I recognized my passion for working with people…….I want to help everyone achieve blood sugar regulation and finally be in control of their own health. It is my divine pleasure to work with you and I promise, it will be life changing! 

How Jeana Can Help You

Nutrition Therapy

Whether you're feeling okay, in constant pain, or wanting to change your health outcome, nutritional therapy is life changing!

Weight Loss

Losing weight can be a daunting and sometimes impossible goal. By recognizing which foods are best for you and bringing balance back into your life, Jeana can give you the tools to crush your goals and live your best life!

Cooking Resources

Changing your diet and lifestyle can be overwhelming but it's easiest to learn it from someone that has been doing it for years. Let Jeana show you all of her favorite recipes and resources to help get you well on your way to your new and improved self.

Blood Sugar Control

Let's face it, we're living in a world where it's no longer unusual to have out of control blood sugar. It's time to flip the switch and learn how to naturally balance your blood sugar.

Mind & Body

We often underestimate how powerful our mind and intuition are when it comes to deep life changes. When our mind and body are connected innately, change can be invigorating and incredibly easy.

What People Are Saying

Success Stories

"Back in June, 2019, Jeana introduced me to the idea of a low carb/healthy eating lifestyle. At that time, I lost weight, eliminated all arthritis pain in my hands, dropped down to one blood pressure medicine, and stopped taking cholesterol medicine. It has been my standard of eating ever since. However, I slid back into a comfort zone of eating “whatever” on occasions. During this month of participating in “Get Fit Faster", I have been motivated to stick to the healthy, low carb lifestyle and moved to the next level. Jeana’s instruction, motivation, and knowledge shared has been so helpful in continuing this journey. The meetings were informative and inspiring. What I thought was not possible for me, Jeana helped me believe it could be possible. After a month, I found out that ‘It was possible” and I am feeling the benefits! I am not the only one who has benefitted from her instruction. My husband who is diabetic has been on board with me and he has dramatically decreased the amount of insulin he is taking every day. He eats what I cook. This training can benefit everyone in a household."
~Toni B.
Dallas, TX
"Jeana's “cheerleading“ and comments to each person has been incredibly encouraging to me because I know she's in my corner and really cares about my well being. I found her zoom meeting instructions to be exceptionally helpful and packed with so much info! I took notes at the meeting because that solidified my “path to better health” and then re-watched it while I exercised later in the week. I took everything she said very seriously! And here I am 25 lbs. lighter in one month! (Tears of joy!!!!) Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Jeana for your hard work!"
~Andrea L.
Sachse, TX
"I have been very unhappy with my body since having my son. Weight never stuck to me before, so this was a new thing for me. My confidence has been gone for awhile. I had lost hope, but decided to try Jeana's program and, to be honest, I didn’t think it would work. I’m happy to say I’m down 9 pounds in 6 weeks! I have much more work to do, but I’m already much less bloated! I am so excited to see where fasting takes me! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, Jeana Baldwin, for your program and your guidance! If y’all are struggling with losing weight, you should 100% send her a message and get in that next group she’s offering! AMAZING! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻"
~Megan L.
Leitchfield, KY
"I joined Jeana's program and she helped me lose around 15 lbs in one month. My clothes fit better and are looser but the best part was sleeping and feeling better."
~Kari P.
Decatur, TX

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Getting healthy can be very confusing today. Many nutrition gurus do not see eye to eye on what foods are truly healthy for us. The truth is that we’re each bio-individual people and there’s no one-size-fits-all diet out there. Jeana’s nutrition and wellness videos explain health and wellness in an easy and attainable way and best of all, it’s completely FREE!

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