Food intolerance testing – is it worth it?

We are living in a world where more and more people are becoming intolerant to certain foods even the well-known healthy foods like dairy, meats, and some fruit and vegetables. Why is that and why are there multitudes of people that have to eat a restricted diet due to these intolerances? The answer is rather simple, our food system is quite broken and our foods have been so processed by man that they’ve turned into franken foods and our bodies struggle to understand what these new food products are.

If you look through America’s food history over the past 100 years, you’ll notice an extreme shift from real, whole, God-made foods to a large variety of intensely processed, boxed foods that can no longer support our bodies. While several of these foods come from real and even healthy foods, the majority are stripped of their nutrients during this processing and then man tries to “enrich” these processed foods by putting these fake nutrients back into the foods. This requires messing with the foods even more. And we all know that man just CANNOT make foods as genetically perfect for our bodies as the ONE that created every fiber of our being.

“When we focus on the GOD FOODS for our own bio-individuality, our bodies are given an incredible opportunity to heal and fix themselves.”

~Jeana Baldwin, NTP

When my husband, Jeff, first began deteriorating, we didn’t recognize that it was the processed foods and the lack of nutrients from whole foods that were causing him to be in such pain. His team of doctors didn’t know either. They had no clue that these franken foods had been poisoning him for years and eventually that caused his Myo-facial Pain Syndrome which left him mostly bedridden. Once we stumbled up the works of Dr. David Perlmutter and Robb Wolf, we began to see that Jeff’s disease didn’t just happen on it’s own. It had tons of help by eating foods that his body didn’t recognize and real foods and eventually, his body became intolerant to these foods. Once these foods (grains & sugar) were removed, his body began to heal in an incredible way. It felt like magic that was happening right before our eyes.

Jeff never got food intolerance testing and I personally feel like it’s a waste of time and money for the majority of people. There are plenty of ways that a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner can spot what foods are NOT working for you based on your current symptoms. No need for poking and prodding from doctors. Who’s got time for that anyways? Food intolerance testing is somewhat faulty because you do have to have a pretty extreme intolerance to a specific food for the test to come back as a true allergy. I’ve had clients with gut issues and skin issues get food intolerance testing and their doctor came back and told them they could have gluten as much as they wanted. However, their gut and skin issues didn’t go away until we took the gluten and processed foods out of their diets so their bodies could heal. If you can tell something is off with your body and you’re innate being is telling you it could be a food, I recommend working with an NTP before doing any food intolerance testing. There may be a time for food intolerance testing but there’s SO much an NTP can tell you about your body (what it likes & doesn’t like) based on your current symptoms alone. God designed our bodies to give us certain unwanted symptoms letting us know that something is not right.

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