What Proper Vitamin D Can Do For Your Health

Hey everybody, today I’m gonna give you a little successful tip that you can use to enhance your health. This one is actually free and we, as Americans, completely fail at making this one a consistent reality. This old secret is often frowned upon now days, however we must recognize how unhealthy and diseased we are as Americans compared to our ancestors. They were not facing the life-altering, chronic diseases Americans face today like heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Obesity, cancer, etc. Let’s learn from history and live the way God innately designed for us to live. If you only make one healthy change in your life this year, let it be this. Your health truly depends on it. If you are deficient in Vitamin D, your health will suffer eventually. That’s a fact. We need adequate Vitamin D in order to balance our hormones, get quality sleep, and it’s also very important for the health of our eyes. There’s a reason God created the sun–to keep us healthy.


The health benefits of the sun are incredibly powerful and sadly today, the sun has developed a bad reputation because of the uproar of skin cancer in the last couple of decades. We’re taught to layer up with sunscreen like our lives depend on it. However, the downside to sunscreen is inadequate Vitamin D absorption along with the added chemicals that enter our bodies. If you research skin cancer, you’ll find that it’s not necessarily the lack of sunscreen but rather the chemicals we’re spreading all over our bodies, our poor diets, lack of sleep and movement, and even Vitamin D deficiency. When it comes to skin cancer, the world points its finger at the sun but we know that’s not the whole story. God gave us the sun as a life-giving, natural resource. Why on earth would He create the sun to make us sick? He wouldn’t! Could we possibly be blaming the wrong thing here? For sure! So while you think layering up on the sunscreen daily is a great idea, it really could be encouraging diseases to develop.

SO what can we do to make sure we’re getting enough Vitamin D?

We can get Vitamin D in three ways: sunshine, food, and through supplementation. The most effective way is through the good ole SUN.

My recommendation for clients is to aim to get 20 minutes to an hour of sunshine each day depending on how dark your skin is which tells us how much Vitamin D your body is able to absorb. Lighter skin absorbs quicker (which makes sense since we burn faster) and darker skin takes longer.

God made our bodies so smart to know how much sun we really need. Getting burnt means we got too much so be aware of your limit.

Just a side note: Vitamin D, which acts like a hormone, not really a vitamin, is a fat soluble vitamin meaning it needs adequate healthy fat in your diet in order to absorb efficiently. So if you’re on a low fat diet, it’s likely not happening for you.

If you live up north during the winter, it’s more challenging to get adequate sunshine, so it’s a great idea to take cod liver oil to get some vitamin D and even Vitamin A which you also need to help absorb it. Rosita is a great brand I highly recommend to all of you Northerners.

Lastly, I recommend getting your vitamin D level checked before taking Vitamin D supplements. Most doctors will not require you to supplement if your level is below 30 however, that number is based on average levels, not necessarily healthy levels. You want your level to be in the 50’s and 60’s and even closer to 70 for optimal health.

Vitamin D toxicity is a thing so that’s why you should always get tested before supplementing. But you can get Vitamin D in natural ways (sun & food) before you’re able to test.

So what can you do if you’re out in the sun for too long and need some protection? If you can’t get out of the sun before you burn or don’t want to, covering up is my first choice. Wear long sleeves, pants, and a hat or use a mineral-based sunscreen. The majority of sunscreens on the market are full of chemicals that are extremely harmful because the average company does not truly care about the health of its consumers. And rumor has it that the FDA only researches ingredients for like 6 months before they’re passed as safe and most of us want to live longer than that. Lol! So for sunscreen, I highly recommend finding a sunscreen that has zinc oxide as their sun blocking ingredient and ALWAYS shake the bottle real good before applying it on your skin.

So what are the takeaways from all of this?

1. Get daily sunshine even if it’s overcast outside. The sun can still find you. Get 20 minutes to an hour daily and do not wear sunscreen for this. Also, do not wear sunglasses. Your eyes need the sun as well.

2. Eat vitamin D-rich foods such as herring, chicken eggs, duck eggs, bluefin tuna, trout, eel, mackerel, sardines, beef liver and pork.

3. Be sure to eat enough vitamin K. Good food sources of vitamin K are natto, hard and soft cheeses, egg yolks, butter, sauerkraut,  and other fermented foods. Remember that raw and grass fed dairy will always be the best options.

4. If you live up north in the winter, please incorporate cod liver oil into your diet and get outside even if it’s cold. Bundle up and leave some skin exposed. You will not die. The cold is actually really good at preventing wrinkles which is a huge bonus.

5. Get your Vitamin D level tested and if you test in the 30’s, 40’s, and especially below, supplement with Vitamin D. I personally like Vitamin D3 with K2 unless otherwise directed by your doctor.

Remember the sun is a friend, not a foe. It’s here to help us.

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