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Jeana’s Fabulous Five Steps For Every Beginner

Getting healthy can be quite a task and where do you even begin? Here are my fabulous 5 steps to be working on diligently if you really need to up your health game. These will make a dramatic impact on your health if you faithfully follow them.

1. Go to bed earlier and get enough sleep. Ahh, this one is absolutely huge for your health! Sleep is everything! If you are eating your healthiest and exercising like crazy, your body will not gain the healthy you’re looking for without good, quality sleep. Our bodies detox while we sleep and our organs get a much needed break from working so hard throughout the day. We must make this a priority so head to bed earlier than usual and work hard to get 8-9 hours of sleep every night. And if you want more sleep but are struggling to fall asleep or stay asleep, look at my sleep blog for improving your sleep quality.

2. My second tip is so simple yet very powerful and completely underestimated. Get your daily sunshine!! This is just as vital to our health as sleep and hardly any health expert is talking about it. When trying to regain your health, you need to be caring for yourself on all levels to encourage the healing process to take place. This process requires Vitamin D. Sure, we can supplement with Vitamin D and plenty of us need to but it’s not the same as getting the real thing. God gave us the sun as a natural resource–to keep us warm and healthy. Proper Vitamin D encourages eye health, skin health (believe it or not), and turns on our happy hormone. So my recommendation for everyone is to get out in the sun daily for at least 20 minutes without sunscreen and without sunglasses. Even go out if the sun is hiding behind the clouds–it can still find you. Daily sunshine is a gamechanger for your health–make it a priority!!

3. My third tip is to cut out the known inflammatory foods like processed sugars, industrialized seed oils, and refined grains. By cutting out these franken foods from your diet, you’ll actually have room for a whole bunch of nutrient dense foods like meats, healthy fats, vegetables, and fruit. My clients that jump right into a healing diet like low carb paleo, primal, or whole food keto–do phenomenally better than those that ease into it slowly. The reason being is that they notice pretty immediate results like less joint pain, better sleep, more energy, clearer skin, and weight loss. It becomes very inspiring to continue on this healthy path when you notice these amazing, positive changes in yourself. So jump right in! Just a side note: a lower carb diet requires healthy salt (like Redmond’s Real Salt) so be sure to use salt at each meal and even add it to your water during or after a workout to replenish your electrolytes. For more info on why we need salt, read my Salt blog.

4. Step #4 is making sure you fit in some movement into your life. My recommendation for exercise is to do what you enjoy and keep doing it. Whether it’s hiking, walking, jogging, lifting, dancing–whatever it is, do it and make sure you sweat. If you don’t like any kind of movement and you’re trying to go from couch potato to marathoner, then recognize that it’s not going to happen over night. This is something you need to build up over time to truly make it a part of your lifestyle. The first week you start, fit in two exercise sessions that week and do that for two weeks. Mark it on your calendar and cross it off when you complete it. Move up to 3 days of exercise for the next 3 weeks and onto 4 sessions for 4 weeks. The goal is really to be doing 5 thirty minute sessions of exercise every week but to make it a real habit, you need to set realistic goals for yourself. Being able to accomplish these goals without feeling like they’re too overwhelming is the secret, which is why starting off small and building up your movement over time makes it attainable and turns it into a real habit.

5. My final tip for getting healthy is to practice intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting seems like a brand new technique for regaining health but just like eating a whole food diet–it’s actually really old stuff that our ancestors were doing to stay healthy. We got out of the habit of eating well, exercising, drinking water, sleeping enough, and fasting because of our modern society of just having too much. Too much junky food, sugary drinks, electronics, etc. But honestly, our bodies were not designed to be eating constantly and it’s really hard on our organs especially in regards to our blood sugar. 16/8 fasting is my favorite to start clients on and they usually see pretty great progress after the first week. They will fast for 16 hours, including over night, and will eat two meals within an 8 hour window. This process may sound too strict but it works like magic once you get into it. It improves sleep quality, energy, eliminates sugar cravings, and helps heal people’s blood sugar issues. It’s pretty fabulous! Intermittent fasting proves to us that following more of how our ancestors lived where they were eating to live and not living to eat gave them the bodies and the quality of life God meant for us all to have.

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