Hi, I'm Jeana

Hi there, I’m Jeana Baldwin, a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner specializing in Blood Sugar Control. 

About ten years ago, my sweet husband, Jeff, was diagnosed with a rare muscle disease called Myo-Facial Pain Syndrome which drastically changed his life. His upper back and neck muscles could no longer support his head and he became mostly bedridden at the age of 29 years old. We traveled the country in search of doctors that could help him with his pain but none of them could offer any lasting relief.  After the final doctor sent us home and told us to learn to cope, we started our own research about Jeff’s condition. We stumbled upon the work of Dr. David Perlmutter and Robb Wolf whom firmly believe that most of our chronic pain in America today is caused by our poor diets. This was so intriguing to us and we began realizing that Jeff’s condition could’ve been avoided if he had been eating well the many years leading up to his diagnosis. But no doctor said anything about food being the problem to his condition. Why didn’t they know this? Well, they are simply not trained in food like we assume they are.

Highly processed foods destroyed Jeff’s body but once he began introducing the powerful foods that God made and genetically designed for our bodies, his pain went away. He went from a bedridden state to being able to function like an average guy again. His disease, which once ruled over his whole life, became an afterthought. It was then that I realized my purpose in this life–to help people recognize how powerful nutritious foods can be for them and give them the power to regain their health. 


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