Nutritional Therapy Package


Jeana uses nutritional therapy with a focus on proper diet, adequate sleep, stress management, mindset, & behavior change so that you can make sustainable changes that will energize and empower you to be your best self and live your best life.

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Jeana can help you facilitate the proper, nutrient-dense diet that is the perfect fit for you. She uses a combination of nutritional therapy, hydration, sleep hygiene, movement, stress management, inspiration, accountability, and behavior change to help you make achievable lifestyle changes. Her focus for every client is to bring the right nutrient balance back into the body so it can finally receive the healing it’s been desperately craving. Jeana’s nutritional protocols and programs are completely personalized to each client because she believes every person deserves to eat and live for their own bio-individuality to ensure lasting success.

Let’s face it–life can be crazy hectic and gaining weight and becoming sick is just how the majority chooses to live. Disease truly sneaks up on us without warning but there’s a better way! Jeana is extremely passionate about creating attainable lifestyle changes for her clients and doing everything in her power to help them crush their goals. Jeana’s experience and expertise will be a game changer for you!

All nutritional packages include:

1. Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire

2. Health Background & Family History Assessment

3. Personalized Nutrition Plan

4. Unlimited Email Access

5. Weekly Accountability via phone call, text, email, or virtual meeting (client’s choice)

6. Lifestyle Recommendations

7. Supplement Recommendations

8. 10% Off of Supplements