Nutrition Programs

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Diabetes Control Plan

Type 2 Diabetes has become an overwhelming disease all over our country. A disease that once was pretty uncommon 50 years ago is now affecting someone in every family. This tragic diagnosis IS preventable and is extremely responsive to a healthy diet and lifestyle. Jeana’s Diabetes Control Plan is the answer for every type 2 Diabetic to relieve symptoms, get off of medications, and live their best life. 

Digestive Dysfunction

Digestive diseases are on the rise in our society with people either running to the bathroom in a hurry or sitting on the throne for way too long hoping to relieve some pain. There’s leaky gut, cramping, bloating, and other uncomfortable digestive dysfunctions that can be helped and even completely healed. Almost every one of Jeana’s clients has some kind of digestive issue and certain tweaks to their diets helps much more than any medication. 

Food Intolerances

As our food system has become more and more processed, we’re noticing more and more food intolerances. The key to healing and even weight loss is actually recognizing and eliminating a person’s food intolerances. Jeana has seen amazing healing in people once they realize a certain food or food group is rubbing them the wrong way. By eliminating the irritating food, that client can begin to feel like a brand new person finally gaining the health they desire. 

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Weight Management

One of the greatest struggles people can face today when it comes to getting healthy is eliminating excess weight. Most of us see excess weight as the health problem for overweight and obese people but the excess weight is actually a symptom of an underlying cause. Once that underlying cause is addressed, weight loss can happen and regaining your health can become much easier.